Soap of the week – Honey Bunny

My favorite soap this week is Honey Bunny! I love Honey Bunny, I use it year round but in the winter it’s perfect for my dry flaky skin.


This is a super special soap, I puree local organic carrots from a farm here in Connecticut.  I combine the carrot puree with distilled water and use this in my soap making instead of just distilled water.  I also add in some local honey. The acidity from the carrots helps lower the pH of this soap slightly, making it closer to neutral (cold process soaps normally have a pH of between 8.5 to 10).IMG_1751

High levels of vitamin A & antioxidants in carrots help skin maintain a youthful look, while honey is moisturizing and soothing, so it helps your skin glow!


I can smell a warm yummy scent, but the soap is unscented!IMG_1570

IMG_1469Click here to get your own bar!


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