This blog documents my journeys through healing my body inside & out.  Many years ago I was diagnosed with several allergies. I noticed that I was also having some skin problems like, dermatitis, eczema and breakouts. I started learning about all the hidden food additives that were causing internal and external reactions. Slowly I started trying new ways to cleanse and nourish my body. Eventually I realized that not only the food items I was eating were causing skin reactions, but several of my organic skin cleansers, shampoos and so on had many of the ingredients that I was avoiding consuming. Over time I found I had some wonderful skills at crafting allergen friendly skin and personal care products and wanted to share!

My number one goal is  to create products that use local and organic ingredients that have been through as little processing as possible.  When I can I grow my own ingredients (pesticide free!) and process them myself, whether that is by grinding, juicing or just using my fingers to pull apart – like calendula.  When not possible I buy ingredients from sources that I carefully research to make sure I am getting high quality and “safe” from contamination sources.

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