Whipping Cold Process Soap

This has been an ongoing experiment, which started when I began making my own dog soap.  Puppies need a pH of 7 and most cold process soap falls above that range.  I began by mushing up soap add adding vinegar to shreds to lower the pH.  I would wash the dog by rubbing my soap shred vinegar mush to her.  A few weeks ago I had a brilliant idea, now I am using this to wash my hair, wash my dog and I will be posting some whipped soap scrubs shortly on PureNaKeDSoap.com.

This is a very simple DIY recipe:

  • Shredded cold process soap of your choice – must be made with lye (sodium hydroxide)
  • Apple cider vinegar ( I used Bragg’s Organic)
  • Water (I used distilled)

1. Measure about 2 small handfuls of soap shreds in a microwave safe container

2. add a large spoonful of apple cider vinegar to the shreds

3. Microwave shreds and vinegar about 30 seconds – does not smell good the ACV is strong.  Be careful it gets hot

3. This is about what my shreds looked like when I added about 1/3 cup of water.  Microwave again 30-45 seconds.  Watch while microwaving, it bubbles & needs to be stopped before it bubbles over.

4. Remove from microwave & whip with fork, be careful it will be hot.

5.  Mix until shreds dissolve more.  

6. This is how it looked shortly after.  I shook it a few times in a mason jar.

7. After sitting overnight in the mason jar, I whipped it a little with a fork.  I added a few drops of tea tree to this batch, because it is my own shampoo now.  Dog doesn’t get tea tree, she gets rosemary!

I love it!  I will be continuing to play with the recipe to get a thinner more liquid mixture.  This will be on PureNaKeDSoap.com within a month with a Honey Bunny Whipped Sugar Scrub mixture!!

(I am not giving exact measurements because I will be using the recipe for my product and have to have some measure of product protection)

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