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Activated Charcoal – The perfect balance of organic oils & activated charcoal in a round hand sized bar of soap that removes oil & is gentle enough to use on your face

IMG_1094Reviewed by Maggie M, “I’ve been washing my face with this stuff for the last week or so and I have noticed a significant decrease in how oily my skin is by the end of the day – no more forehead/nose shininess here! My skin feels soft and smooth. Love this soap!”

Apple Cider – Real organic apple cider, organic oils & essential oil blend, makes a moisturizing & mouth watering scented bar of soap!

IMG_1557Reviewed by Joha A, “Loooooving this one!!! I have very sensitive acne prone skin, and this stuff is amazing. It leaves your skin feeling very clean but not dry, I guess is because of the organic oils. I totally recommend this product. I also bought three more but I haven’t use them so I can’t leave a review, but hopefully they are as amazing as this one is.”

Calendula – Calendula from our garden, aloe vera & organic oils blended to make an incredibly gently bar of delicate soap

IMG_1910Reviewed by Tammy C, “I love this soap. I have major sensitivities and this soap doesn’t bother me at all. I can finally use a nice feminine soap that leaves me feeling good. Great gentle scent and doesn’t leave a film like a lot of soap. I would highly recommend this soap and the seller.”

Cucumber – organic cucumber, coconut milk & organic oils combine to make an exceptionally gentle bar of soap.

IMG_1919Reviewed by Brianna F, “I have fairly sensitive skin, and a lot of soaps and body washes irritate my skin. Well, this soap doesn’t! It leaves me feeling squeaky clean. Awesome soap!”

Reviewed by Amelia K, “I adore the cucumber soap. I use this on my face, whole body, and even in my hair. Helps clear my skin, smells great and it’s natural! I love the Pure Naked Soaps so much that I have ordered many for myself and 20 of the sample soaps for Christmas gifts!”

Earthen  – Organic patchouli essential oil blends with pink grapefruit essential oil, this bar is heavy on organic unrefined cocoa butter which gives it a rich scent & makes it super moisturizing!


Honey Almond – Local beeswax, local honey, organic oils & a special blend of 100% natural fragrance from essential oils makes a moisturizing bar of soap!

IMG_2239Reviewed by Anyssa T, “I absolutely love this soap! I’ll never go back to commercial soaps ever! On a plus note I haven’t used lotion at all since using this!”

Honey Bunny – Organic carrot puree, local honey & organic oils, simple, extra rich moisturizing bar.  (personal favorite alert!!)

IMG_2260Reviewed by Tiffany S, “Loooooving this one!!! I have very sensitive acne prone skin, and this stuff is amazing. It leaves your skin feeling very clean but not dry, I guess is because of the organic oils. I totally recommend this product. I also bought three more but I haven’t use them so I can’t leave a review, but hopefully they are as amazing as this one is.”

Jewelweed – A plant native to Connecticut, commonly believed to assist with the itch associated with poison ivy, poison oak and eczema

IMG_1868Reviewed by Maggie M, “I first bought this soap to help with my winter skin – it gets so sensitive sometimes that it’s hard to relieve it without giving second thoughts to “medicated” lotions and creams…but this soap has proven to be a great addition to my skincare routine! I’ll definitely be stocking up on this one!”

Reviewed by Lisa V “Words can not describe how highly I would recommend this soap and this shop! I have struggled with Exzcema and allergies my whole life and after using this soap ONE DAY my skin was outbreak free and felt like butter! I have been using it regularly and my husband even suggested I buy more because if it works so well, it is a natural way to heal AND it saves us on Prescriptions! ITCH R_E_L_I_E_F!!! LOVE.”

Reviewed by SA, “I am so happy with these soaps! I have incredibly sensitive skin and suffer from chemical-related eczema . Anyone store-bought body washes, soaps or laundry detergents drive my skin crazy. So far, I have used both the jewelweed and calendula soaps and I love them both. I have had no eczema breakouts, no dryness and no itchiness since I began using them. They smell awesome, they feel awesome and I don’t have to depend on cortaid cream to keep my eczema in control. Yay!!!!”

Lemon Poppy – Organic oils, lemongrass essential oil & real poppy seeds gently exfoliate while moisturizing

IMG_1562Reviewed by Meregan, “Super fast shipping! I love this soap, and so do my kids. They have really sensitive skin, very prone to eczema, but their skin has been almost clear since using this soap. It smells wonderful, which is why my kids love it, and the poppyseeds are great for exfoliating. I can’t wait to try the other soaps I ordered!”

Lemongrass & Lavender Castile – 100% organic extra virgin olive oil meet organic lavender & lemongrass essential oils, a small amount of alkanet root gives this bar a natural pretty purple swirl!

IMG_1954Reviewed by Lexi P, “I am truly suffering this winter with dry, flaky, itching skin. I cannot believe the difference my skin feels after I use this soap. The scent is subtle but smells wonderful. Just re-ordered more today!”

Naked Olive – 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, creamy lather & the gentlest cleansing

IMG_1422Reviewed by Johnna T, “I love this soap so far! No itching or irritation to my sensitive skin. It’s great to have truly natural ingredients in a soap. Thank you, I’ll be back for sure!”

Naked Pores – French green clay, activated charcoal & baking soda meet an organic oil blend formulated to love your skin!

IMG_1969Reviewed by imashour “I don’t usually review products, but I have been using this soap for around 2 weeks and my skin is the clearest it’s been in a while. This soap also doesn’t dry my face as much as other soaps. I put a little bit of lotion on my face after using it and my skin is fine (usually it breaks out). I’m so happy that this soap works, and I hope that my face will finally be clear of acne and acne scars.”

Reviewed by Amanda B “Never thought I would find a soap that wouldn’t dry out my skin. I’ve been using this soap for about a month and my skin feels moisturized and soft. My face isn’t oily by the end of the day and has cleared up greatly.”

Reviewed by Jennifer “I love using this bar in combination with the other charcoal disk I purchased from this business. I’ve noticed a change in my complexion already. Thank you for putting natural ingredients in your products instead of ingredients made in a lab that no one can pronounce. Lol”

Pink Peppermint – Pink clay, organic oils & essential oils for a cleansing, wonderful smelling bar of soap

IMG_1713Reviewed by la, “I LOVE this. I ordered a bunch of soaps for gifts and stocking stuffers, and this was the one I added on for myself. It smells delicious and is so nice on my skin. Also, it’s just gorgeous – the color and shape and the organic swirls.”

Reviewed by Stephanie M, “I’ve experienced that most clay soaps dry my skin out and it’s perfect to use in the summer when skin isn’t constantly dry. This wasn’t the case with this soap. It left my skin feeling very clarified and not overly dry. The cinnamon and peppermint oil lent a light and spicy scent to this soap to leave me invigorated after my shower.”

Shave Soap – Instead of chemicals, a gentle clay and organic oil combination make a rich lather

IMG_1503Reviewed by Maggie M, “Love these little soap pucks! They’re a great alternative to commercial shaving creams, with ingredients you can trust to LOVE your skin, instead of irritate it! I’m just glad I can buy them from the same place I get almost all my other soaps, too. Keep it up with the great quality soaps, ladies! :)”

Reviewed by Stacie M, “I originally bought this for my husband, but loved it so much for shaving that I stole one. Leaves my legs so soft. Lotion is almost unnecessary.”

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