ETSY AND ME: A possible Love Story

A great take on Etsy

Crappy Kitchen - Good Dinners!

Etsy has been quickly using the power of this high-tech world of ours in an effort to get us back to some good old-fashioned shopping. What or who is Etsy you may ask? You might already know! But I want to add my two cents, along with touting work I would never have found but for this enormously wide-reaching site that is the home to millions of little shops (of course I will incorporate  food to merit the inclusion of this post in my blog. Food, which covertly anchors everything else that I love to it: anything that smacks of creativity)

Chocolate-Filled Candy Mushrooms by Andie's Specialty SweetsChocolate-Filled Candy Mushrooms by Andie’s Specialty Sweets

Etsy became part of my life when I (well myself and my guy Dave) decided to sell some of our work on Etsy at the advice of a friend. This was a little over two years ago when Jenny Mendes, ( 💚 …

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