Soap of the week – Seaweed

Have you ever washed with a bar of soap, stepped out of the shower and your whole body felt tighter?  This is the soap that does that to my skin!  I step out of the shower my skin feels tighter and within 5 minutes softens to an amazing smoothness!

Spirulina & dulce seaweeds are used in this soap, which can tighten the skin immediately after use & than leave your skin feeling soft & silky.

Here the Seaweed Soap has been just added to the mold and is a wonderful vibrant green!   Seaweed is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can soothe all of the inflammation that causes red, painful pimples. Seaweed can actually make your skin more supple and more elastic — two things that can help stop cellulite in its tracks.

Spirulina and dulse also add the natural color variation to the bars. This bar is scented with a blend of organic lime & orange essential oils, a hint of organic bergamot essential oil – with the strongest scent being fresh lime. This bar is best for normal – oily skin.  

Find your own bar of Seaweed Soap here!

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