Soap of the Week – Calendula

In our pesticide free garden we grow our own vibrant calendula. Calendula has high amounts of flavonoids, plant-based antioxidants that protect cells from being damaged by free radicals.  

Drying out fresh calendula flowers to use in the Calendula Chamomile Soap. We let the flowers sit on a special mesh drying rack until they are dry enough to store in a jar.

Due to high amounts of flavonoids; Calendula appears to fight inflammation, viruses, and bacteria. Making this soap naturally antibacterial.  

This is a vegan cold process soap, cured for at least 4 weeks! It is made with calendula infused olive oil and chamomile infused apricot oil. These are herbs rumored to have healing properties. We use aloe Vera in place of distilled water. This combination creates a gentle, soothing soap and is reported to be gently antibacterial.

“Arrived quickly! And love it. I initially bought this bar for my daughter who has extremely sensitive skin and several food allergies, so she’s always dealing with some type of itchy rash. Well, since using this soap, her skin is clear, not dried out, and practically itch free. I even used it because I had a slight eczema flare up on my neck that I had been using cortisone cream on for a week with no improvement. And after my 1st use of this soap, it practically cleared up completely! Thank you! Thank you!” – Jena H

“Works wonders for my daughter’s unpleasant odors and makes my skin feel wonderful!” – a customer

Find your bar of Calendula Chamomile Calm Soap here!

Please note these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Please always do your own research on herbs prior to using, many herbs are wonderful and have many helpful properties!

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