Soap of the Week – Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap

100% natural, handmade with organic oils, gluten free beer & oats combine into Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap. It is made with a moisturizing blend of oils, including organic unrefined cocoa butter giving the skin gentle moisturizing.

Ground gluten free oats are added to help with redness and believed to even skin tone. This is a wonderful soap for sensitive skin. Only a small amount of soap is needed to get your skin healthy & clean, so our bars last a long time! (Please note soap does not smell like beer!)

Cold process soaps are high quality and long lasting. Cold process soaps have moisturizing benefits for skin and are better for the environment!

This bar is lightly scented with the organic essential oils of patchouli, cedar wood & clove.

Because Pure Naked Soaps are created with only 100% natural & organic essential oils, it is not possible to create certain scents without lab created fragrance oils. Essential oil soaps are significantly milder than those that contain fragrance oils. These often contain harmful chemicals like Phthalates. Pure Naked Soaps are created for people who want to enjoy unique soaps without harmful chemicals.

Find your own bar of Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap here!

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  1. This soap sounds good enough to eat. Thank you so much for your mindful and hard work – I will try a bar after my Calm Calendula soap from you is but a sliver! Tessx

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