Soap of the Week – Jewelweed

This is a vegan cold process soap created for itch sufferers with a special ingredient blend. We created this jewelweed soap with a wonderful array of soothing ingredients that include finely ground organic gluten free oats, clay and our jewel weed infusion for a gentle soothing bar of soap. The organic olive oil is cold infused for several weeks with our jewelweed.

Jewelweed grows all over Connecticut, often found growing right along a patch of poison ivy.  When hiking it is a great easy bug bite cure, grab a stalk and crush lightly, smearing the bite with the juices.  Itching goes away pretty quickly!

For large itchy patches of poison ivy, poison sumac or poison oak, soap works better!  Pure Naked Soap makes a Jewelweed Soap with ground oats, clay, light amounts of tea tree & peppermint oil.   This blend helps dry out an oozing patch of skin better and provides immense itch relief.

To use – Lather, rinse, repeat. For extra itch, leave second application on for at least 30 seconds.

Personally I have found the Jewelweed soap to be extremely useful for my acne prone facial skin & I alternate washing with the Naked Pores or Activated Charcoal.  My facial skin has been clearer than ever!

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