New Outlook

I am just re-integrating back into busy, busy life after an extended travel of some major European cities for over a month.  There is so much I want to share about my trip, including all that I learned about GMOs and Food Allergies. Most important to my business is my new outlook on how I will run business.

We have a very different attitude towards work than what I observed in Europe.  Where I keep never ending task lists of things to do and forget to take time to enjoy my day, I saw people do their work, but not let it consume them.  Not to say that I do not enjoy my work, I love to make soap and I am employed part time with a great company.  For me, the difference is in the attitude towards daily tasks and little things.  

I notice a difference in how I approached the little stuff, I still was doing laundry, making dinner, food shopping, and paying bills, but no longer found myself writing overwhelming lists of all the things I had to do.  I started to rely on my own mind.  If something was important enough I would remember to do it.  Rather than thinking about all the things I needed to do I was enjoying my present.

I found in many areas of Europe the local population (we didn’t travel with a tour group and tried to talk to as many local people as possible) took more time to enjoy their lunches.  We began to spend more of our time enjoying what we were doing during that time than any other.  

Bringing that back to my business, I have a set amount of things that still need to be accomplished to run a business, but rather than focus on doing everything I can do myself I am now:

  1. Delegating when possible, making the kids do more around the house
  2. Focusing on what truly needs to be done everyday, rather than writing a list of impossible tasks, struggling to get them done and feeling like I failed if I do not – I simply do things if I see them and focus on the key important things.
  3. Taking care of myself, I have to do this.  I am getting ready to run a half marathon and need to stick to a training schedule.
  4. Shifting the focus of my business from making sales to building lasting customer relationships with repeat business. It is more important to me to build relationships with real people than to just make money with my business.

So far I must say I feel much less overwhelmed than I felt last year at this time, who knows if it is really due to the shift in perspective or just returning from over 30 days of bliss!

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