Soap of the Week – Love Roses

Love Roses soap has been a favorite for Valentine’s and Mothers Day, so much that it will now be with Pure Naked Soap year round!

Organic olive oil, moisturizing organic oils, a small amount of pink clay & rose geranium essential oil blend to make this homemade 100% all natural vegan cold process soap, cured for at least 4 weeks! Rose water is used instead of distilled water for a truly unique bar of soap! A small amount of organic rose and geranium essential oils make a very mild scent that is gentle on your skin. Sprinkle of organic rose petals on top for mild exfoliation and added scent! A small amount of luxurious pink clay is used for color.

Love Roses is even made with a bunch of Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter, which adds a slight richness to the scent and extra moisturizing for your skin!

Request special I Love You labels for your loved one!

Because Pure Naked Soaps are created with only 100% natural & organic essential oils, it is not possible to create certain scents without lab created fragrance oils. Essential oil soaps are significantly milder than those that contain fragrance oils. These often contain harmful chemicals like Phthalates. Pure Naked Soaps are created for people who want to enjoy unique soaps without harmful chemicals. No harmful GMOs, phthalates or sulfates are added. 

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