Soap of the week – Naked Pores

Naked Pores™ is definitely the most popular Pure Naked Soap variety. The idea grew when I was trying to help my acne prone sensitive, sometimes oily and other times dry flaky skin.

Activated Charcoal alone was not enough to combat my intense breakouts.  Clay wasn’t either. I came across the idea for baking soda swirl when my acupuncturist had advised me to use castor oil & baking soda on breakouts.  

In the end, a swirl of French Green Clay, Activated Charcoal and Baking Soda with a bunch of organic jojoba and organic castor oils became this unique handmade soap.


Naked Pores™  is for oily skin made with organic oils, activated charcoal, French Green clay & baking soda. Best for oily skin prone to breakouts, not recommended for dry skin.
This is a wonderful soap to use on blemished skin! Made with organic jojoba oil, baking soda, tea tree oil and peppermint oil, combined in a blend of olive oil, organic coconut oil (wonderful for it’s antibacterial properties) and organic castor oil (wonderful for reducing inflammation). A sprinkle of activated charcoal & French green clay for their detoxing and soothing properties, makes a beautiful bar of soap! No artificial colors or scents are used.

Naked Pores™ soap is high quality and long lasting. Cold process soaps have moisturizing benefits for skin and are better for the environment! Please store your bars on a soap dish or use a handy scrubby soap bag, these help keep your soaps dry so they will last longer!!

Visit to find your own bar!

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