How to deal with a bad batch of soap

  A few weeks ago I made a batch of Honey Almond Soap that did not look as wonderful as it usually does.  I double checked the lye and oil calculations.  Then I  double checked the pH of the soap, it was very close to what I normally like, but just slightly above.   I believe I had one bottle of lye that was slightly stronger than normal and due to the beeswax in this soap it did not saponify as normally expected.  Since the pH was so close to acceptable & I had made a huge batch using a bunch of organic oils, I just had to save it!

I began by taking about 1/4 of my normal batch in weight of the Honey Almond mistake batch.  I ran it through the food processor to make soap shreds.  

Once the soap was shredded, I put in a large glass baking dish and added distilled water equal to 1/4 of the weight of the shreds.

I placed the water and shreds into my oven at 200º for about 2 hours.  I checked it a few times, mushed it up with a fork and added a little more distilled water as needed.

I made another new batch of Honey Almond Soap and after the new batch began to lightly trace I added in the rebatched soap.   

This is how it appeared in the mold

And this is the finished bar!  Looks much better, really happy with this technique for rebatching & the quality of the soap!

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