“Soap of the Week” – Cocoa Lotion

Instead of soap this week, I am highlighting my new Naked Cocoa Lotion! Many, many months has gone into the perfect blending of oils and aloe to create this 100% (truly) natural lotion.

One of my first goals was to make a real natural lotion that was thick and luxurious.  I wanted it to be less greasy than a body butter, but thicker than the thin runny lotions that are easy to make.        Many hours went into figuring out how to make a lotion without a bunch of artificial additives that would not instantly separate.  Using real organic unrefined cocoa butter as a base, Naked Cocoa Lotion was born!

Organic unrefined cocoa butter is high in antioxidants!  Antioxidants are believed to fight off signs of aging and damage to skin.  Cocoa butter is also naturally high in fatty acids, which can deeply hydrate the skin.

Many people report that cocoa butter helps with damage from stretch marks.  It is also believed to help with healing other damage to skin.

  This lotion absorbs into skin in about 5 minutes, initially it is slightly greasy not as much as a body butter but it will soak in and nourish dry skin quickly. I recommend it for people with moderate to very dry skin.  It also has a wonderful real chocolate smell from the real organic unrefined cocoa butter.  


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