Soap of the Week – Lavender Chai

This is the soap for those of us who love a richly scented spicy & floral bar.  Organic lavender essential oil adds a crisp clean scent, blended with the rich spice of real organic chai tea and a custom essential oil blend.

IMG_2431This bar is ultra moisturizing because it contains a blend of organic oils that uses at least 40% organic extra virgin olive oil.


Because Pure Naked Soaps are created with only 100% natural & organic essential oils, it is not possible to create certain scents without lab created fragrance oils. Essential oil soaps are significantly milder than those that contain fragrance oils. These often contain harmful chemicals like Phthalates. Pure Naked Soaps are created for people who want to enjoy unique soaps without harmful chemicals! No harmful fragrances, phthalates or sulfates are added.


Visit to get your own bar!  IMG_1651

Please be aware that spicy essential oils can be a skin irritant, only bare amounts are used in Pure NaKeD Soaps, but please use carefully!


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