Keeping Eczematous Skin Clean with PureNakedSoap Naked Olive Castile Soap

I am truly delighted and honored to have such a wonderful article written about Pure Naked Soap. Greg has really humbled me with this review of my Naked Olive soap.

My Life With Eczema

Oh, how I missed that “squeaky-clean” feeling. Even for just a fleeting moment, between rinsing off in the shower and slathering on handfuls of petroleum jelly from head to toe, I was taken back more than thirty years to a time when bathing was such a simple process–and, one that actually got me clean. That was a time when I barely had to think about soap, let alone the ramifications of showering one way or another.

For the past thirty-odd years, though, I have been struggling with mediocre, if not wholly intolerable “cleansers” that replace actual soap with myriad detergents, emollients, emulsifiers, antimicrobials, humectants, etc.; labels emblazoned with “sensitive skin”, “moisturising”, “hypo-allergenic”, “fragrance-free”, and even “approved for eczema” seals of “acceptance”. Many simply failed to clean, most left my skin irritated and/or far too dry. None of them but one was at all useful, and even Cetaphil was my…

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