Even Soapers Make Mistakes


I  had this wonderful idea to redo my old Salted Caramel Soap as this years Valentines Day Soap with Himalayan pink sea salt and lots of organic unrefined cocoa butter.  Unfortunately I ended up sick and missed the deadline to have my soap done in time for Valentine’s Day.  Decided to swap out the pink salt for the Brazillian red salt I used in the original Salted Caramel Soap.


Unfortunately plans don’t always turn out.  It looked so pretty in the mold.  My thought was do a rich chocolate base with a white top, like a cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and call it Salted Cocoa.

One problem, I was supposed to cut it after only being in the mold 12 hours.  A high amount of cocoa butter makes a super hard bar of soap and salt makes a super hard bar of soap.  Unfortunately life got in the way, doctors appointments and dogs, so it ended up getting cut 8 hours to late.  Lets just say I couldn’t even cut through it with my slicer.  Crumbles and jagged tears.


Not the soap of beauty I had envisioned, but still works wonderfully.  Rich lather, brilliant moisture, just not as beautiful.  Although up close it looks like some jagged cliffs.  I’ve decided to still list it on PureNaKeDSoap.com – but am posting these pics with it.  Perhaps I shall call it the Unloved Salted Cocoa.


Next batch of Salted Cocoa will be perfect or it will become my white whale of soap!


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