Daily Organization – Daily schedule & Routine

2015/01/img_1963.jpgOn my quest for organizing my home business the first thing I did was Identify the Obstacles that interfere with work.  After I looked closely at the obstacles, I Identified the Things to be Done on a regular basis.  The next step is to organize the things that need to be done.

As you can see here I was using a planner, a few lists that I wrote each day  & some other assorted scraps of paper of things I need to remember.


I have tried a multitude of things to organize myself.  I have set electronic reminders, I usually just snooze them.  I had a program that emailed me, I just deleted the emails.  Relying on my memory (and I have an excellent memory) doesn’t work for this type of thing.

I am a visual person, but I also remember things when I say them aloud or when I physically pick up my pen and write.  I know that lists have worked for me in the past, but I have to many different lists going right now and need to visually organize so I am not overwhelmed.  I know that I procrastinate doing things.

The first thing I did was type up the things I had identified earlier and organize them into daily, weekly and monthly (these are loose categories, because some I do every other day or twice a month).  I decided to color code each day and highlight the things I needed to do daily to really appeal to my visual side.  This is what my new organization tool looks like, I still use my planner and write in the things that need to be done as needed, but I use my printed sheet to highlight the things I need or want to do that day.


The most important thing I found that works for me is that I can visually see by looking which things I have procrastinated.  These are the things highlighted everyday without check marks.  Someone hates to pay bills and do laundry.

This has also helped me identify how many things I can realistically do in a day.  I also like to keep things fluid, so this allows me to write in extra things as they need to be done.  2015/01/img_21163.jpg


  1. I love this! I too am visual and have too many lists. I am currently working through setting these things in order. My biggest struggle right now is taking the time to sit and focus on what needs to be focused on. Ha!

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