Daily Organization: Identifying all the things to be done

After identifying the obstacles to working at home, the next thing to do is identify all the things that are supposed to be done.


I started this process by outlining the things that I need to do on a regular basis.  For example:

  • garbage/recycling
  • make the soap
  • dishes
  • paperwork


After identifying the things that need to be consistently done, I went back and organized by frequency.  I am not a believer in washing the floors every week on exactly the same day, because I believe in flexibility in the schedule.  My way of working this is to allow some built in flexibility, because when I have tried rigid schedules it has failed.  This is because by nature I like to adjust my schedule and we know that unexpected events happen that can interfere with the schedule!

Getting organized this year will be a process, I am creating my own system that is best suited for my needs.  I highly recommend that each person looks at:

  1. their individual learning style – are you visual, auditory or kinesthetic or a combination
  2. personal traits – do you like things planned out?  do  you like to be flexible?
  3. Are you a pen & paper person or can  you use e-reminders?
  4. what has worked for  you in the past?
  5. what has failed in the past?
  6. what kind of environment works best for you? minimal or clutter?


  1. Hello! Another list maker, like me. I make lots of lists and then I don’t look at them. I am, therefore, totally disorganised but I still manage to get things done. Don’t know quite how!


    • That’s about where I was at; making the lists of things, getting things done, but not doing it in the most efficient organized way. I am exploring ways to fix it & think I found a way that kind of works for me! Very exciting to get all the things done!


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