Dry lip scrub & moisturizer

In the cold winter months, there are some days when lip balm is not enough to combat extremely dry lips.  On these days a lip scrub is the ideal way to remove dryness and heal lips.  This is a simple do-it-yourself lip scrub.  All ingredients used in this are organic.

You will need:

  • a small microwave safe bowl or double boiler
  • a fork
  • a spoon
  • organic unrefined shea butter
  • organic extra virgin olive oil
  • organic coffee
  • organic sugar

2015/01/img_1987.jpg1. Measure 1 spoonful organic unrefined shea butter into a small bowl

2015/01/img_1988.jpg2. add 1 spoonful of organic extra virgin olive oil

2015/01/img_1990.jpg3. Melt in microwave for about 30 seconds, whip with fork.  Should appear as above.

2015/01/img_1991.jpg4. add in 1 spoon of sugar and 1 of coffee, whip some more

2015/01/img_2047.jpg5.Let set in fridge for about 30 mins, will set and become more solid.  For the first use, I added slightly more sugar to mine.  I also kept some without the coffee, so I rotate with the scrub & just as a plain moisturizer.  I have been using mine at the same consistency about 1 week.  Apply by rubbing in circles on lips.  Remove by wiping with a napkin.  Do not recommend licking

2015/01/img_1985.jpgBefore picture of very dry lips, jogging in freezing weather will do this

2015/01/img_2006.jpgAfter 1 day of use, my lips feel incredible!

This recipe works fabulously for dry lips, plus can also be used on extremely dry feet or hands!

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