Snow Day – can anything be accomplished?

2015/01/img_2027.jpgTo answer that question about 7 hours after I sat down to originally write this posting, YES things can be accomplished just not how they were originally supposed to be accomplished.

Monday morning is incredibly important for those of us who work out of the home.  Monday is the day things get done! After the weekend of spending time and energy on family, Monday is the shift back to business focus.  Except when Monday is taken over by a change in schedule.

Several important things can be learned by a shift in plans, especially on a day as important as Monday!

1. Plan out the week in advance, but be flexible in planning – especially if you have children who might end up sick or having a SNOW DAY!!

2. Be prepared – the more organized you are prior to getting hit with the unexpected the less the schedule change will effect your overall goals

3. Relax – much easier to do if you have a plan and are prepared, but if you are completely out of your element you must be relaxed so that you can finish your daily goals

4. Problem solving skills – use them! A surprise schedule change means you have to be flexible and still accomplish things.  Can you children go outside for a little while?  Is there an activity they can do?  Can they help with anything?  Will meals interfere with your daily work plan?  Can you adapt their meals?  My kids are a little bit older, so they get their own lunches.  Today I gave them an hour window to get lunches at the same time I was.

5. Focus – Fix your attention on what has to get done today.  What things can wait and what absolutely has to happen?

6. Customer service – in the event of an emergency if you are unable to meet a deadline, contact your customers and make them aware that unforeseen circumstances have arisen.  Offer a discount, free shipping or a little something extra.  Be polite and kind.  Be responsive to their needs.


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