Cilantro Pesto

Cilantro pesto is another great topping to liven up leftover chili.  Guacamole is one of my favorite toppings, but  eat it often and wanted a different flavor combination.  Cilantro pesto is a variation of regular basil pesto and is great for chili, enchiladas or even on roasted potatoes.   I have a very restricted diet, due to the food sensitivities so I have to make do with what I can find that is fresh & unprocessed. Which can be so delicious, just often more time consuming. Today’s lunch, leftover chili, cilantro pesto and chopped avocado,  took about 5 mins to make. I used my mini food processor for this.

1. Gather ingredients:
Bunch of fresh cilantro
About half a cup pumpkin seeds – I was out so I subbed sunflower seeds
A clove of garlic
Fresh lime
Sea salt
Organic extra virgin olive oil

2015/01/img_1995.jpg2. Grind sunflower or pumpkin seeds in food processor until fairly well chopped, about 30 seconds, I may have only ground for 10 secs.2015/01/img_1996-0.jpg

3. Roughly chop cilantro & add to seeds.2015/01/img_1997.jpg

4. Process cilantro & seeds for a few more seconds, about 20-30, as you process, slowly start drizzling olive oil until it is consistency you would like.2015/01/img_1998.jpg

5. Finish with squeezing lime juice on top & grinding salt.2015/01/img_1999.jpg

6. Enjoy on top of leftover chili!  with some avocado for good fats2015/01/img_2001.jpg


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