Daily Organization: Working at Home Identifying the Obstacles

Step One: Identifying the obstacles to organization

This working from home has been a whole new world for me.  I used to go to work all day and was also in grad school.  I had a routine, always got all my school work and work work done.  I had a cleaning person every other week and a nanny to help with the kids and after school chores.

Now it’s different, I am home every day so no more nanny or cleaning lady.  No more school work, because I have graduated.  It sounds easier right?  So than how is it that I get less done daily?

The first thing to do is identify what I am calling the obstacles and the things that have changed since I started working from home.


1.  Working from home – seems pretty basic. I am running a business out of my house, this requires storage of materials & packaging supplies.  I no longer have an out of house office to use as a catch all for all my work things

2.  Working from home – I am home all day & therefore make more of a mess.

3.  Working from home – I get comfy in the house & don’t want to leave as often, plus it’s really cold out.

4.  Dogs – we got 2 new puppies in September, they are a huge time drain & I am allergic to them which effects my energy level.

5. Distraction – I will start on one thing & get distracted by another, the internet is a huge time drain.

6. Routine – clearly identified working hours are no longer in place, I am kind of on call at all times to my customers.

7.  Routine – I do shows on the weekends now & lose time with my kids.

8. Creativity – I used to use all my time driving to different locations to think up new ideas & I used my bluetooth for phone calls (I am horrible at phone calls from my house phone)

9. Inertia – when I get settled in & comfy I don’t like to get active.  The old resisting a change in state of motion, that’s me.

10.  Overwhelmed or underwhelmed – I am actually one of those people who performs better when I have multiple things going on, when I hit a down slope & there are not enough things to do nothing gets done.  Some days I look at my list and think thats not that much, so I procrastinate & what do you know a few hours later I am in panic mode because something changed & I suddenly have too much to do

11. Boredom – laundry is boring, cleaning bathrooms also boring, basically housework is boring!

Now that I have outlined some of the obstacles I will be reviewing ways to address working at home successfully!


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