Cocoa Body Butter

If you read about organic unrefined cocoa butter, you must want to try some for yourself.  You can visit Pure Naked Soap for salves, lip balm or soaps containing organic unrefined cocoa butter and you can make your own simple body butter!

A body butter is an oil based thick lotion with no water based liquid.  It is thick & can be slightly oily.  A very small amount is all that is needed & it will melt right into your skin.

For this recipe you will need the following supplies:

  • glass bowl
  • microwave or double boiler
  • refrigerator
  • spoon & spatula
  • electric handheld mixer – works better than a stand mixer
  • jar to store your finished butter in

and the following ingredients:

  • 8 oz or 1 cup organic unrefined cocoa butter – will smell like chocolate!!!!  (I actually measure with an ice cream scooper – so I do 2 scoops for 8 oz & 1 scoop for 4 oz)
  • 4 oz or 1/2 cup organic coconut oil – I prefer unrefined but you can do either
  • 4 oz or 1/2 cup light oil – I use fractionated coconut oil, but you can use sweet almond or apricot, for really dry skin avocado oil is wonderful
  • essential oil – 1 drop per oz of oils

1.  Melt down the cocoa butter & coconut oil using the double boiler method (preferred) or if not possible in 45 second bursts in the microwave.  Add in the liquid oil, stir.

2. Place bowl uncovered in fridge, check in 30 mins – if oil has started to solidify against sides of bowl, scrape down with spatula & beat with mixer until stiff peaks.   I usually rotate in & out of fridge, whipping 2 – 3 times.

3.  Once soft white peaks have formed place in storage container, I use 4 oz mason jars or metal tins!!

Enjoy!  If you find that this is to oily, you can play around with the recipe.



If you decide you would rather have this made for you, visit Pure Naked Soap & request a custom order! Current price is $10 for a 4 oz tin (updated January 5, 2015)

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