Organic unrefined cocoa butter

Smells so good, like real dark chocolate and it is so good for your skin.  Pure Naked Soap uses real organic unrefined cocoa butter, not in processed wafers, but from large bulk blocks that have been minimally processed.

Organic unrefined cocoa butter comes from the cacao bean, which is grown inside the cocoa pod.  Organic means it has not been grown with any pesticides or processed with any chemicals.  Even better, organic cocoa must be kept separate from cocoa grown or processed with chemicals!

Unrefined means it has not undergone processing to strip the cocoa smell.  In fact, when cocoa beans have been harvested, they can simply be put into sacks and placed in a warm room. The natural heat (no added heat necessary!) pulls the natural cocoa butter out so that it can be collected. It is then cooled and becomes a semi-solid form.*  Many manufacturers use refined cocoa butter so that the strong chocolate scent does not over power fragrance oils.

Organic unrefined cocoa butter is high in antioxidants!  Antioxidants are believed to fight off signs of aging and damage to skin.

Many people report that cocoa butter helps with damage from stretch marks (unfortunately that is not the case with me – I do find that it helps my dry hair & lips in the winter).

Cocoa butter is also naturally high in fatty acids, which can deeply hydrate the skin.  Since cocoa butter comes from a plant source it is a vegan source of fat.


If you are lucky enough to get ahold of some organic unrefined cocoa butter, you can make some easy skin loving Cocoa Butter Body Butter.

* from



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