The Sound of Silence

Today I decided to begin my work in silence, no tv and no radio. After sending the kids to school it’s just me and the dogs, it is not silent as I expected. There is a constant hum from our furnace blowing through our forced hot air system which is actually quite disconcerting because it sounds like great gusts of wind. Silence also appears to have inspired quite a bit of growling from the dogs.

I do feel a new appreciation for the fragrant beeswax as I cut it to turn it into itch soothing salve. This beeswax is from a local apiary in Southeastern Connecticut, the women leaves it out on her porch with a little tin for collecting money. Makes me feel like I am removed further from a society in which there is any theft. There is something reassuring about people like that in the world.



#purenakedsoap #silence #localbeeswax #shoplocal #apiary

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